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Top 6 Books Bill Gates Wants You To Read!!

It is important that you read and keep yourself updated with all that is happening around you. Here, we would recommend a few books that you would find interesting as recommended by none other than Bill Gates.

And, here is which and why you should be reading them:

Business Adventures:


Bill Gates mentions that this book by John Brooks is one of the best business books that he has come across ever. Also, recommended by Warren Buffet and says that it offers sharp insights into timeless business fundamentals which examine various aspects of the challenges involved in building a large organization, hiring people who possess the right skills and also, taking into account customer feedback. This masterful storyteller adds color to his articles by including compelling portraits of everyone from General Electric executives to the founder of Piggly Wiggly groceries. He has also written a classic article on the fate of the Ford Motor Company’s Edsel. Also, available in hardcover and paperback, you can now buy it in E-book form or download it for free.

Stress Test:


This book Stress Test by Timothy F. Geithner is another good read as suggested by Bill Gates. The irony of the book is that it is written by someone who was accused of being a lousy communicator when he was hired as the U.S. Treasury Secretary. The book revolves around a human being who struggles to fight the global financial recession and it’s after crisis while he had to put up with the critics inside and outside the administrative system and also deal with his severe guilt for his total absence from his family for a long time.

The Bully Pulpit:


The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Godwin and focuses on how does social change happen? The book covers Roosevelt’s accomplishments from various diversifying angles including his contributions the construction of the Panama Canal. Also, the book examines a variety of fascinating facts that speaks about Roosevelt’s relationship with the press and also, his friendship with William Howard Taft who was right in his struggle against fighting the corrupt political system.

Also, the book questions various paradigms of social change which includes driving the social change by a single inspirational leader and also, you will find instances on how sometimes a single leader can make a big difference. Some areas of the book discuss global health which relates to how Jim Grant created a global constituency for children which again highlights the power of single leadership.

The Rosie Project:


This Novel by Graeme Simsion is more logical when it gets to identifying the hero who is a genetics professor suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome and is in search of a wife. This profound book is all about fitting in a place where you are comfortable, being with someone with whom you can be yourself and also, doing what you are good at. Bill Gates was quoted saying I’m sending copies to several friends and hope to re-read it later this year. It is one of the most enjoyable novels I’ve read in a long time.

The Sixth Extinction:


This book which revolves around an unnatural history by Elizabeth Kolbert is next in the list of books suggested by Bill Gates. The book focuses on the climate change which is one of the biggest problems of the century and is one of the most anticipated environmental concerns. Thanks to the contribution from humans and the species that move around the planet, overfishing and acidification of oceans and the change in the chemical composition of the rivers. Already, there has been five extinction events in the history of the earth and the sixth is on the way as predicted by Kolbert.

Reinventing American Health Care: 


This book by Ezekiel J. Emanuel is another good read that focuses on the error-prone system that is prevailing here as implied by the Affordable Care Act which tends to improve the terribly complex system. In the book, it discusses how the architects of the Affordable Care Act comes up with a case study on why the U.S. healthcare system was in need of an immediate reform and how the Obamacare deals with fixing the problems.

These books are a must read for anyone in search of positivity in life as recommended by Bill Gates.

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