The Impact of Engagement in Social Media Success

Social media is one of those platforms where we are free to be ourselves. But, most of us are faking out over the social media world. We are all busy exhibiting a life we dream of which is far apart from the real life we live. When it comes to businesses, people are finding success with the social media and let us say it is something to be proud about if you manage to impress your people over the social Medias.
You might have a great fan following over the social media, actually something you can take pride in when there are your competitors who struggle to attract followers. Of course, the bottom line metrics such as likes and followers do matter but there are other metrics that actually determine your success over the social media.
Now the question ringing in your mind must be so what are those metrics that matter?
We cannot decide the metrics unless we have the goal fixed.
Like the metrics tends to differ if you are planning to drive brand awareness and the metrics might differ when you are trying to sell specific products or goods and this is very much different from the metrics that applies when trying to push traffic to your landing page during an upcoming event.
So, your goals will determine what your metrics are.
Here, we will discuss how your social media goals and metrics are closely related to driving engagement:

1.) Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is directly impacting engagement because it determines the follower list for your brand.
So, here the metrics that matter includes:
Main metric: Audience growth that triggers every month
Secondary metric: The engagement that happens over your post such as the comments, shares, likes, re-tweets, mentions, etc.
This makes sense if your goal is brand awareness which is nothing but increasing the size of your audience. But, if your audience grows, it means the breadth of awareness is increasing which has nothing to do with the depth of awareness. Depth lies in attracting people who actually matter to your business and not just anyone who has no relation to your business. You need to display the engagement that is happening on your posts (in the form of comments, shares and likes) to show that your content works well with your audience.
This is how businesses have achieved brand advocates.

2.) Driving blog traffic:

Main Metric: Blog traffic
Secondary Metric: Post-Engagement ( Retweets, shares, pins, etc.)

If your blog and driving traffic to your blog is your goal then, it is Important that you track your Google Analytics to track your social traffic.
If your content is good, your audience will automatically spread a word about it.
Here, the content is what matters and how well you implement it across the social media.
The most important engagement rule is that-
Audiences in and of themselves do not provide ROI, the way you engage with them does!
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