How your website can help you get your business successful in 2016

Do you own a business and are you planning to reach out to millions of people across the world? A number of web designers and web design companies would have approached you. They might have even made promises of designing a colorful castle like you have always seen in your dreams. But, all in vain because what they delivered was not even closer to what they promised.

There are a number of small businesses around us that are suffering because they have been prey to such fraudsters who promise to define your world in a single day. But, the truth is digital marketing is one such arena which is not easy to make happen in one day.

All they do is design an oversized online brochure which would resemble the irony of a small kid carrying the books of a student pursuing a doctorate. Honestly, you don’t want that to happen to your business.

Who can help you?

Choose a web designing company in India that will take your business to the next level.

What are the factors that could help your business take the leap towards success in the year 2016?

  • Direct sales:

For instance, suppose you have an Ecommerce store. And, most of the store owners that have an Ecommerce store have no idea of how it works and they do not know that they could use it for bringing about conversions.

But, very few of them are aware of the fact that by providing users with a better navigation facilities, they are improvising user experience which ultimately triggers sales.

How could you improve sales?

Check-out process should be easy

An add-to-cart button that is unique and catches the eye

Exit pop-ups that will notify your users that they are leaving the site while their products are still in the cart.

What are the indirect tactics?

It is utilizing the website for alluring people. You have a beautiful website but there is no engagement taking place. Use it as a lead magnet and collect information from people. Next is Email Marketing and then, you could connect to your people through Facebook or other Social Media sites.

  • Identify your audience:

Yours is a website specializing in baby products but the site is exhibiting a color tone of brown or black for instance. No one will even think of clicking on the link once more.

If it was a baby pink or some other alluring colors, of course, they would have made an attempt to check what lies within.

Design your website for your audience. Convey it to your web designers and ask them to get you a website that relates to your audience and not to someone else.

  • Analysis:

Just like any other task, a website design is not an easy process. You need to hunt and brainstorm a lot. Starting from why your client needs this website to who their audiences and competitors are, you need to have a clear picture of everything.


  • The company goals
  • Target audience
  • Competitors
  • What the competitor is doing and what your client is not doing

These are some of the simple points that you need to consider before setting out to design websites in the year 2016.

Are you planning to design a website that blends in all these attributes? Then, we are here to help you. Webqua is a website designing company in India offering A-Z website design and development solutions to our clients in India and abroad. For further information, contact us today.



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