How to create a reliable business website

How to create a reliable business website in 2017 ?

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a website today. Thanks to the advancement in Technology people cannot live without the web which makes it necessary for businesses to make their online presence known to all.

Regardless of whether it is a small, big or medium-sized business it is necessary that they own a website. But, then, when everyone is busy developing websites how do you think people will select the one for their needs?

Indeed it is a difficult task. A lot of similar businesses are competing with each other over the internet and people are confused which one they should choose and whom to depend for their needs.

In such a situation, people choose the one that appears beautiful to them which is impossible without a proper website.

Uniqueness is one of the criteria that people choose to focus on when selecting a service provider. You have the same products and services listed on your site as your competitors which make the task difficult for people to choose between the two.

The presentation of your website is one of the factors that people overlook when choosing a particular service provider. Also, Google has a part to play when it comes to helping people choose the best of services.

So, what does Google do?

The service provider which is following all the SEO best practices for their website is what Google chooses to display when someone types in a related query.

So, if your website fulfils all the requisites then, your job is done and is easy. Your people will also reach you because Google likes you.

A lot of factors such as the website design, SEO, content, responsiveness, navigation, mobile-friendliness etc. are involved in a site and these are the very factors that will decide whether your business website will survive or not.

  • Website design:

Minimalism is what is expected from the modern-day website designers. No one wants a too complicated design for a website.

Customers hate it when they are on a website which sells but rather than the content part the website is focusing on unnecessary flashes and graphics which has no relevance to the service or product that the website will be selling.

So, keep your design precise and simple.

  • Colors:

It is always recommended that you keep your website’s color consistent throughout. If you are using a vast array of various colors, it will annoy people and they will leave your site for sure.

No one likes to be irritated with unnecessary yellow, blue and green colors on a website that has nothing to do with these but is here to sell some products that are totally irrelevant to these colors.

Use lighter shades or maybe you can keep it white in color.

This will keep the font of your content clear and visible and people will have no difficulty in reading through the article.

  • Behind the screen images:

Instead of loading your site with too heavy images that has no relevance to your site it would be really appreciable if you could include your team’s images and show your people what your office looks like.

People are really happy to know that indeed a team is involved behind the scenes and they can catch a glimpse of their faces.

Also, you could include the images of your office and your employees at work. It brings your people more closer to you because they know they are not communicating with a robot but there are real humans working behind it.

  • Site loading:

We have been always told that the site load speed is one of the factors that Google and people both equally dislike.

If a site takes too long to load people leave and Google starts noticing this and slowly pushes such sites out of people’s sight because Google wants to provide its people only the best.

You could ensure that your site loads faster by removing the unnecessary clutter that is present on your site including those heavy resolution images that takes too long to load.

  • Social Media:

There is hardly anyone who is not active over the social media networking platforms. So, if you are not yet active over these social media sites then, it is high time you considered going live over these sites because all your people are there and your competitors too.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr etc. are some of the places that you need to start targeting depending on the social media sites that your people most often use.

Do not forget to include the social media icons on your webpage so that people can easily connect with you through these.

Also, you can bring in more engagement by sharing your blog posts and upcoming events through these sites.

People share, comment and come up with suggestions when they find you active over these sites.

  • Content:

Content just like your customers is king and plays an important role at pleasing customers.

Your people come to your site for the content. If it is unimpressive or copied from somewhere else it will upset your people and they will leave your site.

Once they leave the site don’t expect them to come back because they are gone forever and it is your competitor that will benefit from this mistake or carelessness of yours.

Apart from these aspects, also, social media proof, testimonials from customers and even landing pages are the other major factors that will affect your business. So, be careful when you are designing a website because it represents your business online.

What are the things that you consider when designing a website?

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