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About Webqua

With the motive of serving the small and medium-sized business (SMEs), WebQua came into existence years ago. From then, it has been developed into a fully-fledged website development and digital marketing company in India. Based in Calicut, Kerala - we have improved, established, nourished and helped many businesses.

We are a reputed IT-based Business Development Company with a strong vision of focusing on SMEs. We have realised the immense effect of the digital world on businesses. As the digital presence is always benefit-dragging and fame-rising, we inspire, educate and help the small and medium size enterprises with our technical, strategic and market-related knowledge.

We understand your customers and audience well by our thorough analysis give out the best results. Web Quality Solution can do all tasks viz. brand establishment, internet marketing, website creation and all digital tasks needed in SMEs to make them a successful enterprise.

Why Webqua

Making choices is always difficult, right? Let us help you with that. Here are some major causes will makes us a perfect choice for your business needs –

Our Dedication towards the SMEs

The small and medium-sized businesses are our main focus. If your business is one of such businesses, your priority is already highest. We treat and the project equally and their deadlines strictly. We know the importance of your time so you will never get any project will delays.

Cost-effectiveness and Time management

Keeping the budget of our clients in mind, we charge the highly acceptable rates to them. The requirement and pricing are decided in the beginning to avoid any kind of hassles. You may pay a small upfront amount to let us begin on your project.

The overwhelming Quality and Excellent Creativity

We have as many excellent ideas and designs as you want. So, WebQua can never fall short on the quality or creativity scale. The brilliant minds which are part of our team are always ready to deliver the best. It ends up in overwhelming quality, stunning designs, and lovely creations.

One-stop solution providing ability?

Web Quality Solutions has all the IT-based services available to serve the clients. Be it website development, designing, application design and development, internet marketing services or bulk SMS services – we can help you in every such need.

How we got our name “WebQua”?

You must have noticed our strange but awesome name. Wanna know how we were named?

The company was started by three super-minds with a concept in mind which was – “Automating and consulting the small and medium scale Industries”. The motivation was taken from those industries itself where it was visible that valuable human resource is being wasted due to lack of automation, proper software implementation, and their utilisation.

Before making people learn automation, we wanted ourselves to set some interesting and motivating example of automation so we decided to let a computer program name the company instead of a human. The conditions were –

  • Name Character count should be exactly 6.
  • It should combine the prefixes of two IT-related words.
  • It should be unique.
  • A domain name associated with it should not be registered.

System generated many names and we finally ended up choosing a combination of Website and Quality i.e.WEBQUA.

Feeling inspired? Let’s automate your business processes too!

Our Team

Leadership and staff are two key elements which are responsible for deciding the direction, growth, and dynamics of any organization. We are lucky to have the highly professional and knowledgeable staff along with amazing leadership team. The experience and bonding make them even better. Here are those important faces which deploy the best solutions for client’s requirement.

Akhil Krishna

Managing Director

Santhosh Kumar

Business Partner

Rakesh T Nair

Director International Business

Shaji P.R

Project Manager

Megha KP

Project Co-ordinator & Software Tester

Mithuna P.K

Administrative Officer

Hemanth Raj

Creative Head

Abhilash KS

Front-end Web Developer

Muhammed Nishal

Front-end Web Developer

Abdul Mufeed O

Android Developer

Alfy George

PHP Developer

Manjima C

PHP Developer

Rishu Muhammed

PHP Developer

Renjith TR

Graphic Designer

Haris KP

Finance Manager